Close Back to Work


3D cover art for the August 2011 issue of the Chinatown Newspaper, a biannual arts and culture publication that amplifies the bold, unconventional voice of urban downtown Honolulu.

Art is based on the month’s theme of UFO’s depicting Jack Lord and the famous Hawaii Theater marquee. Contrary to the popular little green men belief, UFOs may have traveled from a planet of advanced ape beings hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago. Their intention though, was not to invade and take over the human population here on Earth, but instead share their knowledge to aid in the advancement of it. If that is the case, their interaction with our early ancestors may explain why both our and their genetic makeup is so very similar. Thus, it is feasible that some of these beings still walk amongst us, some in secret, still carrying out the mission of those who came before them.

That theory ultimately became the inspiration for the cover. Through his talents he bettered the quality of the “Hawaii 5-0” TV show, consequently, exponentially increasing the popularity of the state of Hawaii. No one knew much of him beyond his work because of his reclusiveness off the set, thus adding to his possible alien identity. Looking back at his life, he did as theorized. He arrived, dropped some knowledge on the human race, and disappeared.

The Hawaii Theater, more specifically its widely recognized marquee in Chinatown is dedicated to the memory of the iconic actor, grasping the attention of many. Who knows, the neon may have a subliminal message to “wake up” and in- spire like Jack did. Many already are suspicious of an alien race walking amongst us. Who knows, with the right pair of glasses or adjusting of the eyes the UFOs’ true identity will all be revealed and come into focus…


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